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May 16, 2011

!Event! – May 24th Building the Hammock Free Library, May 28th Community Book Drop Off

The Hammock Free School is opening soon and what is a school without a library and resource centre?  The Hammock Free Library will exist online and in reality at the Hammock Residency in east Vancouver.  Please visit the HFS Library page as well as the HFS Resource Centre to upload and post information, texts, video, pdfs, websites or anything else you think is useful to the HFS community.  HFS encourages the community to take part in building and maintaining a free opens source library with contributions to our database and resources.

On Tue 24 May,from 5pm – 8pm guest artist Lancia Lefebvre is offering a one day workshop on making book shelves from reclaimed and recycled materials.  If you have any cutting tools bring them, hammers, bring them too!

This workshop is followed up on Sat 28 May  2pm – 5pm with a Community Book Drop Off.  If you have any books, magazine or literary materials you’d like to give away, bring them to the book drop off!

Lancia Lefebvre – Guest Artist, Building the Hammock Free Library

Lancia is a Vancouver based, working artist affiliated with CSC Collaborate and DTDS Ventures. Informed by Surrealist Tendencies, Lancia explores participatory and covert urban renewal, development and mapping.

G. Amani – Artist, Hammock Free School, Facilitator

Heidi Nagtegaal – Artist,  Hammock Residency, Founder