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Please post any free online books, lectures, reading lists, instructional media, plans/drawings, research findings and any other material you feel is suitable for this section.


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  1. http://immigrant-movement.us/?p=2120

    “It’s time to put Duchamp’s urinal back into the restroom” —Tania Bruguera

    A Conversation on Useful Art #1 :
    On Saturday, April 23 we hosted A Conversation on Useful Art #1, an event organized by artist Tania Bruguera as part of Immigrant Movement International, a year-long, socio-political movement initiated by the artist in Corona, Queens presented by Creative Time and the Queens Museum of Art. The event took place at Immigrant Movement International headquarters and was held in conjunction with the Useful Art Association and featured an introduction to Useful Art followed by a series of brief conversations with artists and presenters Patrick Bernier and Olive Martin, Mel Chin, Beka Economopoulos from Not An Alternative, Rick Lowe, Pase Usted, Creative Time Chief Curator Nato Thompson, QMA Executive Director Tom Finkelpearl, Larissa Harris, Gregory Sholette, representatives from Make the Road, New York, and N.I.C.E. (New Immigrant Community Empowerment), and New York City Council Member Julissa Ferreras.

    Video Documentation of A Conversation on Useful Art

    Part 1. Definition of Useful Art and Introduction – Tania Bruguera
    Part 2. Not an Alternative: Let It Out
    Part 3. Mel Chin: Revival Field
    Part 4. Rick Lowe: Project Row Houses
    Part 5. Patrick Bernier and Olive Martin: Jurisprudence
    Part 6. Pase Usted: Genera
    Part 7. Disscussion


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