HFS Artists

G. Amani – http://golbooamani.blogspot.com/ – Facilitator

Golboo Amani, a graduate of ECUAD, is an interdisciplinary artist working with photography, installation, and performance. With a focus on process and research, Golboo’s practice fits within the discourse of knowledge production and distribution, utilizing the Internet and search engine results to highlight ways in which language and gestures become dominant tools of informing and imagining the world.

Heidi Nagtegaal – http://www.heidi-nagtegaal.com/

Heidi Nagtegaal is an artist, writer and facilitator living in Vancouver, BC. After receiving her BFA from ECUAD in 2005, Nagtegaal has gone on to found local arts initiatives such as the Hammock Residency and Headbands and Bracelets, parallel to her own practice.

Basing her work on emergent natures, she uses an aesthetic of emergency, DIY, utilizing available materials to make “something out of nothing”. Challenging the notions of “something” and “nothing,” she engages a fluidity of structures, transformation, personal chemistry and connection to create alchemic art. Sculptures, intervention, performance, installation, and activation are key elements in her relational social practice, creating both an object, and the ephemeral.

Francis Cruz

Hari Malagayo Alluri

Hari Malagayo Alluri immigrated to South Vancouver, Musquiem Territory with his family at the age of 12. His experiences led him to community organizing, which brought him back to the love of writing he wasn’t able to bring with him, and moved his work into arts-based facilitation and mentorship. Interested in the inherently collaborative craft of supporting community storytelling voices, he has spent the last few years facilitating workshops focusing on diverse themes with multiple populations and group dynamics, supporting the creation of successful projects and media. A published writer, lyricist for Los Migrantes, Asian Arts Freedom School coordinator, member of No One is Illegal and Press Release poetry collective, and Leo-award nominee for his work with The Colouring Book: Digital Stories by Artists of Colour, Hari is an intuitive and experienced group facilitator whose practice is grounded in pasalubong – gifts from the Journey.

Hailey McCloskey

Hailey graduated from the Professional Training Program at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre.  From these roots, she continues her studies in movement as a dancer and is in her third year at UBC majoring in Anthropology.  Hailey is inspired by the healing power of dance, and is always striving to express with sensitivity and accuracy. Loving the collaborative process, Hailey has appeared alongside a puppeteer, an opera singer and many clowns in the In the House Festival as part of the embodiment of Naomi Steinberg’s storytelling.  In the fall of 2011, Hailey will be performing in Project CPR: Choreographic Process and Research with Claire French.  She has experience teaching people that are new to the vocabulary of movement, and loves the intuitive discoveries that take place when the moving body is heard.  With contagious passion, she shares her belief that the oldest language in the world provides great opportunities for bridging gaps in society, beginning with a greater understanding of the many layers of the self.  Movement is a powerful healer, providing self-knowledge and humor.

Lancia Lefebvre – http://doingthisthing.wordpress.com/

Lancia is a Vancouver based, working artist affiliated with CSC Collaborate and DTDS Ventures. Informed by Surrealist Tendencies, Lancia explores participatory and covert urban renewal, development and mapping.

Monique Levesque – http://moniquelevesque.tumblr.com/

Raised in a white washed suburb of Calgary and currently living in Vancouver, I reflect on my time spent in cul-de-sacs of the early part of my life, surrounded by stucco. A recent Graduate of Emily Carr University, my work is based on the remnants of the performance of everyday life, an examination of the production of subjectivity, through the production of community. Creating a portrait of a group of people where commodity, class and conformity serve as modes of elitism, and escapism.

Mandy Two Hearts

Originally from Calgary, AB, Mandy graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2005, with a focus in Textiles/Fibres. She has since moved to Vancouver, continuing on with her studies at the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute, from which she will graduate as a registered Art Therapist in 2012. Mandy works and lives in East Vancouver, BC, as an artistically informed support worker and friend to all.

Patrick Blaeser

Patrick Blaeser has a BFA in Photography form ECUAD and MFA from the Glasgow School of Art. He uses a variety of mediums including photography, textiles and illustration and to express apocalyptic and Utopian attitudes. Blaeser’s practice consists of examining society to pick apart issues through the lens of possible futures and pasts. By reevaluating these fictions he tries to discover new routes for understanding and adjusting those ideas and how they may aid the present moment. Blaeser currently lives in Vancouver BC and has shown work in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Canada and the U.S.A.

Patrick Cruz – http://patrickcruz.tumblr.com/

Born and raised in Manila Philippines, Vancouver based artist Patrick Cruz is a multi-disciplinary artist who studied Painting in the University of the Philippines Diliman and received his BFA degree studies from Emily Carr University Art + Design with a major in General Fine Arts.

Sasha Faminoff

I’m Sasha Faminoff, born and raised in the Lower Mainland and now living in wonderful East Van. After visiting numerous amazing places around the world, I’ve come to the conclusion that I love BC the most, and feel very happy to have my roots in this part of the world. I work as a teacher in the Burnaby school district, and as a farmer at the Richmond Sharing Farm. And at the little shared urban homestead I live in, I like to practice gardening, fermentation, fibre crafts, cooking… among many other things! I am always looking to learn more DIY skills, and like to learn and teach best through experience.


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