!EVENT! – June 23 Voice, Sound, Power: PodPlays with Hari Workshop

PodPlays, “Mapping the city with stories. Listen. Walk. Relax. Have fun”.    On Thursday June 23 join us for the Voice, Sound, Power: PodPlays with Hari Workshop, where writer and lyricist Hari Malagayo Alluri will be hosting a PodPlays workshop.

PodPlays is a hybrid of technology and performance and combines sound, text and performance. Audience load PodPlays onto portable media players and step outside where the plays become a soundtrack to life on the streets of Vancouver.  Bring your silly selves over to the Purple Thistle to join us for this great chance to play around.  Check out the Hammock Free School Events page for a schedule of  events  as well as details about each workshop.

On Thurs 23 June, from 6pm – 9pm Hari Malagayo Alluri will be hosting a PodPlays workshop at the Hammock Residency 1923 Graveley Street

Hari Malagayo Alluri

Hari Malagayo Alluri immigrated to South Vancouver, Musquiem Territory with his family at the age of 12. His experiences led him to community organizing, which brought him back to the love of writing he wasn’t able to bring with him, and moved his work into arts-based facilitation and mentorship. Interested in the inherently collaborative craft of supporting community storytelling voices, he has spent the last few years facilitating workshops focusing on diverse themes with multiple populations and group dynamics, supporting the creation of successful projects and media. A published writer, lyricist for Los Migrantes, Asian Arts Freedom School coordinator, member of No One is Illegal and Press Release poetry collective, and Leo-award nominee for his work with The Colouring Book: Digital Stories by Artists of Colour, Hari is an intuitive and experienced group facilitator whose practice is grounded in pasalubong – gifts from the Journey.

G. Amani – Artist, Hammock Free School, Facilitator

Heidi Nagtegaal – Artist, Hammock Residency, Founder


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