!EVENT! June 16 Embodimovement

Expand your body of knowledge.    On Thurs June 16 join us for the Embodimovemt Workshop, where dancer Haily McCloskey will be hosting a experimental embodiment and movement workshop.  We suggest you dress in comfortable clothes, refreshments will be provided.  Check out the Hammock Free School Events page for a schedule of  events  as well as details about each workshop.

On Thurs 16 June, from 6pm – 9pm Haily McCloskey is offering an evening workshop on performance and embodiment through  movement workshop at the Hammock Residency.

Hammock Residency 1923 Graveley Street

Hailey McCloskey

Hailey graduated from the Professional Training Program at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre.  From these roots, she continues her studies in movement as a dancer and is in her third year at UBC majoring in Anthropology.  Hailey is inspired by the healing power of dance, and is always striving to express with sensitivity and accuracy. Loving the collaborative process, Hailey has appeared alongside a puppeteer, an opera singer and many clowns in the In the House Festival as part of the embodiment of Naomi Steinberg’s storytelling.  In the fall of 2011, Hailey will be performing in Project CPR: Choreographic Process and Research with Claire French.  She has experience teaching people that are new to the vocabulary of movement, and loves the intuitive discoveries that take place when the moving body is heard.  With contagious passion, she shares her belief that the oldest language in the world provides great opportunities for bridging gaps in society, beginning with a greater understanding of the many layers of the self.  Movement is a powerful healer, providing self-knowledge and humor.
G. Amani – Artist, Hammock Free School, Facilitator

Heidi Nagtegaal – Artist, Hammock Residency, Founder


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