Upcoming Events


Date and times are subject to change, please check our website for the most up to date postings on events and activities.

Thu 19 May Opening Meet & Greet 6pm – 9pm

 Tue 24 May  Building a Free Library 5pm – 8pm

Thu 26 May  Open Studio 7pm – 9pm

Sat 28 May Book Drop Off  2pm – 5pm & Weaving Baskets 2pm – 6pm

Tue 31 May Open Studio 7pm – 9pm

Thu 2 Jun Food for Thought 5pm – 8pm

Sat 4 Jun Planting Seeds 2pm – 5pm

Tue 7 Jun Free Website Workshop 5pm – 8pm

Thu 9 Jun FreeWares @ FreeGeek 5pm – 8pm

Sat 11 Jun Open Studio 7pm – 9pm

Tue 14 Jun Open Studio 7pm – 9pm

Thu 16 Jun Embodimovement 5pm – 8pm

Sat 18 Jun Clowning Around 2pm – 5pm

Tue 21 Jun Open Studio 7pm – 9pm

Sat 25 Jun Back Yard BBQ 5pm – 9pm

Tue 28 Jun Artist Talk 7pm – 9pm


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